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The Ohio Department of Health reported 1,494 newly confirmed cases on Friday, the largest daily increase since the pandemic began. : Columbus

Unless the state database has unique identifiers tied to test results, such as a SSN or something like that, I would assume the positive test would still be counted in the total. I would also guess that, had your friend tested positive again at OSU, he/she would end up accounting for two separate cases within the state’s database.

I would love to get an answer on this from Dewine & Co. though. I know hospital patients are required to be tested before being admitted for appointments, surgeries, treatments, etc. My friends mom was just diagnosed with cancer and has had a number of appointments over the past few weeks. As a result, she’s had to get tested 3-4 times in the past 10 days. If she had tested positive the first day, and been asymptomatic, she could have presumably tested positive 3-4 more times. If that would result in 3-4 more cases in the state’s total, that’s a problem. I would also be interested to know if she would be counted in the covid hospitalization total because, again, that would be a big problem.

Once you sit down and think critically about how the statistics are being compiled, you can come up with a lengthy list of questions that need to answered if we want to be able to glean anything meaningful from what they report every day.

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