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Whatsapp Integration with Rasa Chat bot

RASA: An Open source conversational AI, which made our work a lot easier. Many say it doesn’t require any programming skills. It is up to you to decide whether you need programming skills or not.

Rasa mainly has 2 main modules,

  1. Rasa NLU → which understands messages
  2. Rasa Core → it just decides what to do next.

I guess like me, you must also be not interested to look into theory blah blah blah stuff, so let’s get started.

Before proceeding with this, let me tell you about the version which I have used here.

Python 3.7.3

TensorFlow 2.x

Well, if you haven’t installed Rasa for building your conversational AI then, you can check out my other blog where I have written how to

  1. Install RASA Link
  2. Virtual Environment Link
  3. My GitHub Link

Well, once all that is done you’re good to go.

With Whats App Business API, everyone is actually trying to integrate their chat bot with whats app and am also one of those techie out there who would love to do this and succeeded finally.

1. Building a Discord Bot for ChatOps, Pentesting or Server Automation

2. 8 Best IT Workflow Automation Practices to follow for Chatbots

3. How to prevent chatbot attacks?

4. Adding a conversational interface to your app with Dialogflow

There’s no proper documentation yet to do this work and zero help from YouTube too.

Yupppp, you can go to YouTube and check out there ain’t just one video of Rasa integration with Whats app yet and so I just got the job done and will help you now what to do.


Screen shot from my mobile

Step 1:

First now you need to get your own trial account with Twilio for integration of Whats App.


Step 2:

Create your Project Link

Step 3:

Enable Whats app sandbox under Programmable SMS

Programmable SMS

You need to send that join <your twilio whats app name> to that number. It will establish the connection.

Step 4:

Select Phone Number Link

Phone Number

Step 5:

Now you have to add Twilio channel to your RASA “credentials.yml”.



Step 6:

Now you can launch your Rasa chat bot,

Open up 3 different terminals and type out the following commands,

Terminal / cmd 1: rasa run -m models — enable-api

Terminal / cmd 2: rasa run actions

Terminal / cmd 3: ngrok http 5005 → 5005 is your local host port number


You terminal / cmd should look like the following,


Step 7:

Go the Step 2 i.e. Phone Number which you have activated,

Under Managed Number you will find out number which is active

Managed Number

Once you open that, you need to add your Rasa Twilio Webhook which looks like this,

http://<YOUR ID>.ngrok.io/webhooks/twilio/webhook/

Update Voice Webhook

Then once again scroll down and update the same as shown below

Update Messaging Webhook

Step 8:

Select Programmable SMS

Programmable SMS

Then copy the ngrok link which you have hosted the http and not the https link and your supposed to update that in the Whats app beta sandbox,

Whats app beta sandbox

Once you have update it save,

I guess you’re all good to go now, you can now chat with your own chat bot now.

If you wish to stay connected, LinkedIn Or just drop a mail to narenltk@gmail.com, Happy to help..!!!

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