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How Chatbots Help Businesses To Close The Sales Deals?


Great customer experience cannot be provided in bits and pieces. It has to be great across all the phases of a sales journey. In this blog, I will discuss exactly how that is done while leveraging chatbot.

Dhruv Mehta

Chatbots are highly potent tools that are easy to use and yield great results. A chatbot uses Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to analyze user data and behavior online. This analysis helps them target each customer in a highly personalized way.

Grand View Research predicts that the market for AI Chatbot will hit $1.25 Billion by 2025 accelerating at a rate of 24.3%. Also, Oracle surveyed major companies and found that 80% of brands are planning to use AI chatbot in the near future.

Businesses use Chatbots majorly as a technology to help their customer support executives along with delivering optimum digital customer experience. According to a Salesforce Survey, this is how businesses use AI-based chatbots and also how frequently.

  1. Self-service by customers in simple scenarios — 78%
  2. Collection customer information and query before redirecting to a live agent — 77%
  3. Helping the agents with information and guidance as they indulge with customers — 71%
  4. Greeting the customers when they first land on a website or e-store — 67%

Image Source

Great Customer experience ensures customer retention.

End of Conversation

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The happier a customer walks away having bought from you, the more likely they are to return.

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Great customer experience cannot be provided in bits and pieces. It has to be great across all the phases of a sales journey. In this blog, I will discuss exactly how that is done.

1. Onboarding

You know what they say about first impressions. When it comes to running a successful business, positioning your business as people-centric and socially responsible is of utmost importance.

Every time a visitor lands on your website or online store you have a massive opportunity to make a positive impact on them.

Chatbots can help you get this done. A simple warm welcome message with a pleasant ping can attract your potential customers’ attention. By this, you are also acknowledging their presence and striking an online interaction.

To make this more effective you can also customize your Chatbot message as per the page your visitor lands on and allow them information and guidance accordingly.

This is a sure-shot way for the successful onboarding of visitors. It promotes a good brand image and fuels even non-converted visitors to make more return visits to your online site or store.

2. Decision Making

Now that you have their attention, it is time to let the Chatbot do the actual job. The job of helping visitors know the product or service and convert into a customer.

One of the advantages Chatbots have over human customer service executives at this stage of the sales funnel is trust. People tend to trust more in the written word than when a person says it because the written word promises unambiguity.

One of the most effective ways to feed visitors with all the information they need before making a purchase is to integrate your business’ knowledge base to your Chatbots. This knowledgebase can be blogs, articles, answers to FAQs, use cases, case studies, etc.

Here’s an example of how the integration of knowledge base software and conversational Chatbot work together for an optimum digital experience.

Knowledge base + chatbot

Image Source

Additionally, with a multilingual feature, information can be shared with people across demographics in their native language.

3. Conversion

Further down the sales funnel, Chatbots can offer tailored digital customer experience to every individual. Using user data and visitors’ behavior online, your Chatbot can target the potential customer in a specific manner.

To upsell a product, you can send personalized offers and trigger-based messages when visitors redirect on a specific product landing page. With the help of user data. clever follow-ups and assistance are possible, resulting in giving visitors and customers an impersonal experience.

Additionally, to boost sales, chatbots can also help you cross-selling products in accordance with customers’ recent purchases. With this data, chatbots can notify customers with similar products — products that go well with the latest purchase, alternative brands, etc. Product recommendation engines or Chatbots provide an enormous amount of value to your customers.

For instance, here is how Chatbots help Levi’s customers shop better.

Image Source

Thus, chatbots result in saving time and efforts from both ends which fuel up the chances of a return visit. Eventually shortening the sales funnel and increase in sales.

4. Post-Sales

Your job is not done after the sales are done. Customer retention and satisfaction should be the goal of every successful business post-sales. Since it is common knowledge that a customer experience encompasses both the pre-sales and post-sales activities.

A good post-sales strategy is the most effective strategy to create customer retention, to form long term relationships with your customers and create a scope for the word of mouth marketing.

Chatbots can help you immensely in keeping your post-sales game strong.

We all know Chatbots can easily use AI to leverage customer data. With these businesses can roll out effective loyalty programs.

Customers also like when things are easy and quick, and the fact of the matter is, old-school customer loyalty programs no longer fit modern lifestyles.

So when a certain customer lands on a product page, Chatbots can analyze their history and journey and notify them about a special loyalty program, discount, or cashback.

For instance, you can choose to give a 20% discount to a customer who’s been with you for 2 years, 10% for a customer who has been active with you for a year, etc.

When it comes to loyalty programs using a chatbot is very efficient because of the following reasons.

  • Conversational chatbots are easy to interact with and already have all of the customer’s personal information on hand.
  • Chatbots are capable of housing dialogue options that allow customers to not even type their requests; a simple click to buttons like “My Rewards Balance” or “My Account” would give them access to their customer loyalty information.

For instance, here you can see at one click on “show my offers” Mastercard’s chatbot will show all bonus, schemes, and rewards a patron has earned

Image Source

  • Loyalty programs for new visitors can be administered on a chatbot with gated content, that would require visitors to provide their PII to join in, this is a good way to increase your data list.

Consumers now want empathetic, responsive, and socially-aware businesses. Having a chatbot shows that you have met the said requirements.

Chatbots take your customer engagement strategies to the next level. Since chatbots can cater to your customer across channels the interaction increases much more through social media channels.

When it comes to customer retention, an interactive conversation is key. As soon as a person engages with the brand Chatbots makes them more involved and more interested in the product or service naturally.

The reason Chatbots are so good at customer retention is that they are used for more than just dealing with customer queries. They can be used to send birthday greetings to customers or randomly check-in with customers who have not made a purchase lately. Thus forming a better relationship with your customers.

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