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Shopify Automation and Chatbots With Octane AI

Octane AI is a fantastic chatbot software on Shopify. It is your automated concierge that your customers can talk to you. And it can send abandoned carts and do all these sorts of things.

However, one amazing part about Octane AI is that you can create your own custom conversations that shoppers and your customers can have with you. And it’s essential that these conversations not only can show products in your store, and it’s not only important that these conversations can recommend products to your potential customers.

Octane AI is a fantastic chatbot software on Shopify.

In-Bot Discovery in Octane AI

Octane AI could track the ROI of that conversation on opting out. It’s essential to see how much revenue you generate rated from a product that you featured inside of Facebook Messenger. And so In-Bot Product products is what allows you to do that.

So, whenever somebody bought it, you are able going to be able to look at it. And I’m going to be able to know how many people bought into the products that I featured in it, and how many, how much revenue did I generate from that?

I can put them in broadcasts, combos, automated flows, and anywhere inside of Octane AI. And one of the things that you could experiment with here, and we’ve started to see a lot of success around this is creating a combo and putting in bulk products into it.

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Then, you create a Facebook ad out of this combo so that when people click their ad, they get dropped into a conversation with you on Facebook. So, you can recommend a product to them. And then, you can track the ROI of that app. So this is inbound products.

We would see all sorts of stats like how many products were viewed, how much revenue was driven, how many Orders remaining. So, it’s not just about tracking your abandoned cart, revenue, or your receipts and shipping notification stats.

Custom Carousel Feature

With custom carousels, you can now display an array of visual information from within a combo, and showcase a wide variety of products promotion content. Your users will simply swipe or click through horizontally to view your custom carousel.

To set up a custom carousel, you want to be inside your combo editor. Then, select the plus sign right there. You should find the ‘add a carousel’ tab. And under custom carousel, click Create.

Now you complete with an image, a title, a subtitle, and add up to three links. You can point those links either to other combos or to an outside website.

Send Targeted Facebooks Messages For Non-Optin Customers

This feature allows you to target people who’ve messaged you on Facebook based on the fact of whether or not they’ve given you their email address or their phone number. So, if you have your Facebook Messenger set up using Octane AI to ask people to sign up for your email newsletter automatically. For example, if they don’t complete that signup, you could use this feature to send them a follow up message automatically.

The message will be targeted to only people who didn’t give their email. Then, you can send them a reminder to sign up for the newsletter.

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