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Simplifying Customer Service with RPA and AI

Ashok Sharma

Enterprise chatbots are essentially developed to cater to the customer queries. What if your enterprise chatbot could have superpowers? RPA and AI capabilities offer just that! Read to know more.

Chatbot, RPA, and automation are the latest buzzwords in the AI enterprise ecosystem, and unless you’d been living under a rock, you’d have come across them by now.

Chatbots are common through cross-industries. Here’s a study to back our claim: A 2019 Gartner survey highlights that CIOs identify chatbots amongst the primary AI-based applications used in their enterprise.

But have you ever fathomed the magnitude of digital transformation by integrating chatbots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and AI together?

No? Don’t you worry!

In this article, we’d build up upon this concept further and explicate the relationship between chatbots, RPA, and AI. We’d also answer one fundamental question:

How can a combination of these AI technologies solve new-age digital problems, and help you have a competitive edge over your competitors?

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