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Building a Discord Bot for ChatOps , Pentesting or Server Automation (Part 4)

Chaining command is achieved by concatenating the output of one process to the input of the next one. For example in this case I want to imitate this command

I’m using aquatone, a tool for visual inspection of websites that scans sites and take screen shots of what it sees. The screen shots are saved in a directory where Nginx serves his files. The Nginx server is running on the same machine as the bot for easy access

Let’s write “!aquatone https://example.com”

Now the aquatone output will be available in the url “http://<server-ip>:<server-port>/aquatone/example.com/”

We are all set for this step. In the Part #5 we will deploy our bot in a cloud server.

If you encounter typos or something doesn’t work no more write me a comment and I will keep this guide updated. Last update June 24 2020.

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