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Pizza Bracket Round 1 : Columbus

Here we go! The pizza recommendation thread to end all pizza recommendation threads (but we all know that pizza recommendation threads will never really end).

Without further ado, the bracket:

Post image

No bitching about the seeding because you had you chance. And the voting:

Match 1: Hound Dog’s vs. Planks

Match 2: Adriaticos vs. Villa Nova

Match 3: Grandad’s vs. Terita’s

Match 4: Meister’s vs. Bexley Pizza Plus

Match 5: Harvest vs. Pizza House

Match 6: Tommy’s vs. Goremade

Match 7: Paulie Gee’s vs. Late Night Slice

Match 8: Yellow Brick vs. Borgata

Analysis: Lots of great sweet sixteen match-ups here, but my attention is immediately drawn to the Short North slugfest between Paulie Gee’s and Late Night Slice. Two titans squaring off. Yellow Brick vs. Borgata lines up the hipster favorite vs. the NYC classic style. Can Bexley Pizza Plus score the upset against the deep dish masters Meister’s in the battle of the inner city suburbs?

Voting closes and next round starts when I feel motivated again, probably two or three days. In the meantime: eat pizza and be kind.

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