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Summary of the Governor’s Livestream 3/30

Previous streams can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCporaXCeaOJgZKz7y3C0zbg

Thank you for all the awards and other offers but please save your money for the future economic uncertainty which is likely going to occur.

Ohio: 1,933 confirmed cases, 475 hospitalizations, 163/475 in the ICU, 35 deaths

March 11: 5 confirmed cases

March 12: No data

March 13: first case confirmed in Summit County.

March 14: 26 cases, 7 hospitalizations

March 15: 36 cases, 11 hospitalizations

March 16: 50 cases, 14 hospitalizations

March 17: 67 cases, 17 hospitalizations

March 18: 88 cases

March 19: 119 cases, 33 hospitalizations

March 20: 169 cases, 39 hospitalizations

March 21: 247 cases, 58 hospitalizations

March 22: 351 cases, 83 hospitalizations, 3/351 deaths

March 23: 442 cases, 104 hospitalizations, 6/442 deaths

March 24: 564 cases, 145 hospitalizations, 8/564 deaths

March 25: 704 cases, 182 hospitalizations, 75/182 in the ICU, 10/704 deaths

March 26: 867 cases, 223 hospitalizations, 91/223 in the ICU, 15/867 deaths

March 27: 1137 cases, 276 hospitalized, 107/276 in ICU, 19/1137 deaths confirmed.

March 28: 1406 cases, 344 hospitalizations, 123/344 in the ICU, 25/1406 deaths

March 29: 1,653 cases, 403 hospitalizations, 139/403 in ICU, 29/1,653 deaths

March 30: 1,933 cases, 475 hospitalizations, 163/475 in the ICU, 35/1933 deaths

United States: United States: 144,732 confirmed cases and 2,527 deaths.

2:06 PM: The Governor starts speaking

Governor: Yesterday was Vietnam Veteran day, so I'd like to start by thanking all of our Vietnam Veterans.

We're also going to show a video of some students virtually passing a basketball to each other to raise awareness about social distancing guidelines.

We have been supporting Battelle going back and forth with the FDA in order to allow them to move forward at full sanitation capacity, sterilizing 60,000 masks every day. They are sending machines to New York, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

We are working on forming a group of experts to give us information and advice in order to improve our future decisions.

I have spoken with our mayors about reaching out to those who may not speak English well. It is important that everyone in Ohio get the information they need about COVID-19. We now have our coronavirus website in Spanish, Chinese, and Somali. We are currently in the process of translating more and beginning translation into Arabic.

To testing centers, please send your pending tests to a hospital that can get through tests quickly, or to the Department of Health. It is unacceptable that these tests are taking so long to work through. We will get the results ready within 24 hours or as short as 8-10 hours.

Amy Acton and General Harris of the Ohio National Guard will speak on the hospital buildup we are currently working on. By continuing to follow our social distancing guidelines you will allow both technology and other preparations to get done in time to protect all of Ohio.

We are extending the school closures to May 1st. Thank you to teachers, parents, and students for working together to teach and learn.

Ohio prisons are working on producing PPE and have completed 500 hospital gowns. This amount will increase as more supplies are acquired. They will also be able to produce more types of PPE as time goes forward.

I mention every day that you should stay at home. Unfortunately, the homeless don't have any home to go to. We have dedicated an entire team in order to tackle this problem. Homeless shelters are not built for social distancing. We are working on moving the homeless out of these shelters to alternative housing.

2:24 PM: The Governor stops speaking

2:25 PM: General Harris of the Ohio National Guard starts speaking

Our EOC is the nerve center of our coronavirus task force. Our current focus is on the buildup of our medical centers. We are working at leasing or acquiring properties along with re-purposing vacant state buildings. We are working on building our own buildings in some cases. We are working on building up a workforce to staff these medical centers along with building up a supply of PPE. Our medical workers are working on conserving their PPE for maximum efficiency. You will see national guard members in your communities, looking into the condition of our prospective sites. The actions we take now will decide how hard it is for our health care workers on the front line.

2:28 PM: General Harris of the Ohio National Guard starts speaking

2:28 PM: Lieutenant Governor starts speaking

On the commercial lending market, many Ohio banks and credit unions have deferred loans to give businesses the chance to have the cash to recover from this crisis. We are requesting that unregulated Ohio banks and credit unions allow their clients to work out their own process to pay off their loans. If this is not done it will have rippling effects throughout the state. We are working on our own guidelines currently.

You should vote as soon as possible.

I am grateful that the FDA relented after my unending phone calls.

Reminder that public television stations are showing educational programming for the students.

2:33 PM: The Lieutenant Governor stops speaking

2:33 PM: Amy Acton starts speaking

With our limited testing we are only focusing on the sickest, hospital workers, and those at highest risk.

1,933 confirmed cases, 475 hospitalizations, 163/475 in the ICU, and 35 deaths. 345 (18% of confirmed cases) infected were working in health care. 27,275 have been tested in total .

Our number are largely unchanged for what we project we will see in the next month.

We still have a lack of critical supplies.

We have done well with lowering the amount of beds and machines that will be necessary to help our COVID-19 patients.

What we are doing is making new plans every day. No one is prepared for this, not in Ohio, not in the United States, and not in the world. This process will continue until we are out of this.

The CEOs of hospitals throughout the state are working together throughout the state, maximizing resources and creating a statewide system to ensure that conservation and efficiency comes first. We'll help to do everything we can for our hospitals and their workers.

I was informed earlier that it is Doctor's Day. Standing here, wearing this white coat, I have realized that I'm wearing a symbol of all of our healthcare workers. I also want to mention that we have lost an ER nurse recently.

2:45 PM: Amy Acton stops speaking

2:45 PM: Question period begins

What does the FDA's relaxed guidelines mean for Battelle and others? Do you know what the cause of the original guidelines was?

Lieutenant Governor: Our healthcare workers will be the ones who receive the most out of this. They will be receiving an increased supply of PPE as a result. When both machines focused on this are up and running, we may be capable of getting Ohio hospitals 160,000 masks a day. The FDA seemed to have misunderstood what Battelle and our team wanted. As soon as the Governor got involved, they seemed to understand better.

2:48 PM: What are your considerations for deciding if this school year will have to be canceled? Could you extend the school year

Governor: Schoolwork is still continuing, not in person, but online. Teachers are continuing to teach and students are continuing to learn. Keep going at least until May 1st. It is possible that this will have to continue but until that announcement is made, be prepared to go back on May 1st. It made no sense to have large congregations of kids every day at schools.

We could extend the school year but we will likely just continue the remote learning. We have heard concerns from some superintendents that their areas may be hit hard by this change in education. These are things we will have to work on. The federal government has given money to the state and some of that has been allocated to our schools.

Lieutenant Governor: Many ISPs are putting hot spots up to allow students to download or upload their work each day.

2:52 PM: How are we building up our healthcare workforce? What is the current situation?

Amy Acton: We have a team that is working on this issue. We have been training those educated in other medical fields. We may even have medical students graduate early as necessary to allow them to do more for patients.

2:56 PM: Are there other things you plan to announce regarding travel due to hot spots in neighboring states?

Governor: I have spoken with many of our neighboring states' leaders recently. This is an obvious concern and we are looking into it.

Amy Acton: We are talking a lot with health care leaders throughout the region. If you are coming from one of those hot spot areas, act as if you just came from a heavily infected area. Keep quarantined.

2:59 PM: Did you receive plans from all eight of the regions you created? What did you learn based on that information?

Amy Acton: There have been plans in the past plans but none of them were specific for COVID-19. We are now creating plans for this specific disease. Our plans also extend beyond state borders.

3:03 PM: Issue with social distancing not being enforced in parks. At what point would you consider cutting off portions of the state that are heavily infected?

Governor: We're reviewing our current order and we will be giving an update to that order in the upcoming days. As the weather gets better, we are definitely seeing more congregating and it is a major concern. Ultimately, each individual must be responsible to protect themselves and others.

Amy Acton: We don't have good enough data to say when we would do something like that. Our testing is still not expanded enough.

Lieutenant Governor: Each day everyone can be part of the solution or part of the problem. I assume that all of you who are watching are being part of the solution. if you know someone who isn't working to be part of the solution, let them know that they are being part of the problem. Be polite but make sure they understand what they are doing.

3:08 PM: Based on the fact that an inmate has sued for release for the coronavirus, can you update us on the prison system? Do you know where the ER nurse that died is from

Governor: The goal of our prison workers are working to protect everyone in the system. I am receiving daily updates on the situation and the leader of the prison system is skilled in the subject of health within prisons. They have been screening all staff as of March 11th. This includes a questionnaire and the taking of temperatures.

This is absolutely a concern but I feel the director is doing a good job at containing the virus.

Amy Acton: I cannot give that information.

3:14 PM: Question on the unemployment system

Lieutenant Governor: Call centers are open 7 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday and 7 AM to 1 PM on Saturday. The website has not gone down but is definitely running slow. Each of us has faced slowdowns due to internet slowness. If you get a loading screen on the website, do not keep refreshing, this will send you back. Please try to find a non-peak time to get processed quickly.

To 1099 workers and others, you will be getting a completely separate service in the coming weeks.

3:17 PM: How do you weigh different projections on the direness of our situation?

Amy Acton: I've had my team reach out to some of the less dire models. The issue here is not the number of cases but the number of people in the hospital and the length of their stay. COVID-19 patients stay in hospitals much longer than the typical length.

3:20 PM: What do you think the prisons will be capable of in terms of PPE production? Is that assuming that they are healthy?

Governor: Of course we assume that they will be healthy.

3:21 PM: Question period ends

3:22 PM: The Governor begins speaking

We observe doctor appreciation day today. I'd like to thank you for what you do every day. I'd like to show a video in honor of doctors throughout the state.

3:24 PM: The Stream ended

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